Why to hire a professional?

Florance Virágüzlet V

Florance Virágüzlet

Nowadays hiring a wedding planner is not a luxury. I could compare it to the situation when we can’t sell our car, because – let’s say we don’t have the right connections or we aren’t well informed about it, simply it’s not our cup of tea; so we ask a car salesman to sell it.
It has become a service which is available and affordable for everybody.
It is very important on the big day to have someone who pays attention to the minute details and takes control of everything – as it is the Big Day which most women have been dreaming of since they were little girls. So it must be perfect – as we have dreamed of it.

The wedding planner plans the perfect wedding together with you meeting your demands, fulfilling your wishes. The planner cooperates with suppliers who do reliable, high quality work for you.

Wedding planners always have an alternative plan just in case.

If you

  • don’t know where or how to start,
  • don’t know reliable suppliers who you can trust,
  • are fed up with tiring legwork,  phone calls, e-mails,
  • are turned down by disappointments and making mistakes,
  • don’t have enough time,
  • live abroad,
  • want something special, unique

A wedding planner works to meet all your demands perfectly.
There are hundreds of vendors – it isn’t easy to make the right decisions if you don’t know (m)any of them.
A professional offers nobody else but reliable, high quality vendors, suppliers, who are eager to be perfect and unique.

Once you know the date of the big day, it’s time to start planning rightaway. If you want a unique, memorable, spectacular venue, which is in demand , you need to book it at least a year before.
The planner knows the scenario very well, what other arrangements and bookings have to be made; and offers just the best services, suppliers.

What do you need for a perfect wedding?

  • A happy couple
  • Thorough planning
  • A wonderful venue
  • High quality, reliable services, suppliers
  • A wedding planner